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    Shenyang is the capital of Liaoning province in Northeast China. It is a major industrial base but also a famous city in the Chinese history with many historic sites. The urban population is 4 million people; total population is allmost 8 million.

    Shenyang Taoxian International Airport
    Flights to Irkutsk, Pyongyang, South-Korea, Japan and to the main cities in China. The airport is 20 km from Shenyang centre. A taxi is about 90 Yuan. Fare of the airport shuttle bus is 15 Yuan.

    Shenyang is an important train hub in Northeast China. There are two major railway stations in Shenyang.
    - North Railway Station: trains to Beijing, Harbin, and Shanghai
    - South Railway Station: trains in or near Liaoning Province
    - Shenyang - Beijing: 4 - 13 hours (700km)
    The D34,D26, D24, D14, D12, D10 are the fast trains from Shenyang North Station to Beijing. Arrival time in Beijing is within 5 hours. The fast train makes stops in Panjin, Shanhaiguan, Beidaihe and Tangshan. A soft seat first class is allmost 250 Yuan; a soft seat second class is 205 Yuan.
    The fastest train (G66) from Shenyang North to Dalian North takes only 1 hour and 30 minutes. Distance is 380 km. The journey with the G312 from Shenyang to Dalian takes 1 hour and 48 minutes; this fast train makes stops in Anshan West and in Puwan.

    There are 4 long distance bus stations. The general long-distance bus Station has bus services to Beijing (8 hrs), Changchun (4 hrs), Dalian (6 hrs) and Harbin (7 hrs).

    - East Asia Trade Square: very large mansion with shops, amusement and food
    - Wu Ai Market: Mc Donald's and lots of shops
    - Zhong Jie: big department stores and trendy shops
    - Carrefour supermarket near the Kempinski Hotel

    luxury hotels
    - Furama Hotel Shenyang: located on Taiyuan Street
    - Kempinski Hotel Shenyang
    - Sheraton Shenyang Lido Hotel
    - InterContinental Shenyang
    - Holiday Inn City Center Shenyang
    - Shenyang Traders Hotel: on Taiyuan Street
    - Marvelot Hotel: near Shenyang International Expo Center
    - Gloria Plaza Hotel: opposite the North Railway Station
    - Howard Johnson Hotel: near North Shenyang Railway Station

    Shenyang Economic & Technological Development Zone
    Shenyang Economic & Technological Development Zone is located in the Tiexi District, 13 km from the city center and 23 km from the airport. The main industries are: equipment manufacturing, automobile and auto-parts, chemicals and medicines. Website is (Chinese/English)

    Hunnan New District
    Hunnan New District was established in 2001 and will develop into a new and modern international area. Hunnan New District consist of:
    - Shenyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone
    - Shenyang Export Processing Zone
    - Shenyang Singapore Industrial Park

    other attractions
    - Taiqing Temple: important Taoist temple
    - Shisheng Temple: largest temple of Tibetan Buddhism in Shenyang
    - Xinle Relic: important cultural relics
    - Four Pagodas and Four Temples of Early Qing Dynasty
    - South Mosque
    - Cien Temple: important Buddhism temple
    - Nanguan Church: Gothic building with 2 bell-towers of 40 meters
    - Shenyang West Lake: beautiful scenery with lotus flowers
    - Steam Locomotive Exhibition Hall
    - The “Sept.18” Historical Museum: shows Japanese militarism aggression

    imperial palace Shenyang China
    Shenyang Imperial Palace

    Shenyang Imperial Palace
    The Shenyang Imperial Palace was founded in 1624 and was the former palace of the early Qing Dynasty. It is the second existent largest palace building complex in China (after the Forbidden City in Beijing). The Shenyang Imperial Palace merges arts of Manchu, Han, Mongolian and Tibetan nationalities which has formed its unique style. The UNESCO listed the palace, the Fu Mausoleum and the Zhao Mausoleum in 2004 on the World Heritage List.

    Zhao Mausoleum
    The Zhao Mausoleum (Northern Tomb) is the mausoleum of the second Qing emperor, Huang Taji, and his empress Xiaoduanwen Borjite. The tomb and surrounding park have a size of 3.3 square kilometers. It is the largest of the three imperial tombs north of the Great Wall.

    Fu Mausoleum
    The Fu Mausoleum is the tomb of Qingtaizu Nuerhachi, the first emperor of Qing dynasty, and empress Yehenala. It covers an area of 5.6 square kilometers.

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