Window of the World

window of the world ticket office

Window of the World

Window of the World is the largest theme park in Shenzhen. It has reproductions of many famous tourist attractions in the world. Some of them are really big such a Eiffel Tower (110m high!) and the Niagara Waterfalls. A monorail is running through the park (price not included) along the reproductions. You can get in/out at several stations. The park also has indoor skiing and some shows. The main show is in an outdoor theatre with a few thousand seats. But we didn’t watch it because we arrived at noon and didn’t want to wait till the evening when the show started.

taj mahal in shenzhen
The Taj Mahal (from India)

theater window of the world shenzhen

Location & prices
Shijie Zhichuang metro station is at the square of the themepark. It’s a ride of about 30 minutes from Shenzhen downtown. Admission for adults is 180 Yuan. Small children till 1.20 meter are free. Seniors and children between 1.20m – 1.50m pay half price.

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