Jinli Street

Jinli Street Chengdu restaurants in Jinli Street Chengdu

Jinli Street

Jinli Street is quite new; it was renovated at the end of 2004. The area consist of a several alley’s with ancient style buildings. Long time ago Jinli was one of the busiest commercial streets of the Kingdom of Shu. The production of the famous Shu brocade was in this area. In the renovated Jinli Street are souvenir shops, restaurants, cafe’s, terraces and little market stalls selling local snacks. There is also a nice museum gallery with paintings. Many Chinese tourists visit Jinli; it’s allways busy. The entrance is free.

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Pagode Jinli Chengdu
Next to Jinli Street is the Wuhou Memorial Temple. Admission for the temple complex is 60 Yuan.

Location & transport
Jinli Street and the Wuhou Memorial Temple are both located along Wuhouci Street. The Jinjiang River and Baihuatan Park are not far away. Because it’s a major attraction, taxi’s come and go. If you want to catch a taxi from Jinli back to the city centre; the best is to cross the street. And catch from the other side of the road a taxi.

Tibetan area
The area opposite of Jinli/Wuhou Temple is the Tibetan area. Here live Tibetan people and there are some shops selling Tibetan items.