Wenhua Park

culture park wenhua chengdu
Overview of Cultural park in Chengdu
To the left the entrance in Qingyang Central Street. To the right below, the entrance in Qintai Street.

entrance qingyang street chengdu wenhua park chengdu

Cultural Park (Wenhua Park)

Wenhua Park means in english Cultural Park. We visited the park in october 2013. Entrance was free. Inside the park are a few fairground attractions, a lake with paddle boats, a square for activities (gym exercises) and a large teahouse near the lake. The Sichuan Opera Theater in the park belongs to the best ones in Chengdu; performances are in the teahouse building. Ticket prices are between 160-200 Yuan.

Wenhua park (Culture Park) is located between the famous Qintai Street and the Qingyang Taoist Temple. The park has two main entrances. One is opposite the Westgate of Baihuatanpark in Qingyang Central Street. The other entrance of Cultural Park is in the middle of Qintai Street.

wenhua park square with exercises teahouse cultural park chengdu