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    Nanchang is the capital of Jiangxi Province in southeast China. The city is a famous historical and cultural city and is nowadays a large industrial center. Total population of Nanchang is allmost 5 million people; urban population is 2.25 million.

    Nanchang Changbei International Airport has flights to to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and the major cities in China. Distance to the city center is 28km. Fare for the airport shuttle bus to the railway station is 15 Yuan. A taxi is between 100-120 Yuan.
    Website airport is (in Chinese).

    Nanchang's Railway Station is 3 kilometers from the city centre.
    - Nanchang - Wuhan (Wuchang): 21 trains daily: journey takes 3h.36min-8h.34min
    - Nanchang - Beijing: 12 trains daily: journey takes 11h.51min-21h.51min
    - Nanchang - Shanghai: 8 trains daily: journey takes 5h.30min-13h.04min
    - Nanchang - Guangzhou: 7 trains daily: journey takes 10h.25min-14h.04min
    - Nanchang - Hefei: 6 trains daily: journey takes 5h.38min-7h.38min

    Nanchang Long-Distance Bus Station at No.161, Bayi Dadao is the largest long distance bus station. Buses to Nanjing, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

    - Treasure Palace Hotel: 5-star hotel in High-Tech Development Zone
    - Gloria Plaza Hotel Nanchang: located in the city center
    - Galactic Peace International Hotel: international business hotel
    - Regal Hotel: facing the famous Rope and Gold Pagoda
    - Braim Lijing Hotel: the airport shuttle bus stops here

    Nanchang has 2 national level development zones and 2 provincial level development zones.
    Major industries are: aircraft- and automobile manufacturing, metallurgy, textile, chemical engineering, medicines, electronic information and biological engineering. Website is (in Chinese; use translate.Google).

    Nanchang has an international container dock in Nanchang Port. The waterway is from Gangjiang River, through Poyang Lake and Changjiang River and then to sea via Shanghai Port.

    - Rope and Gold Pagoda:
    - Tengwang Pavilion: gardens, pavilions and ponds
    - Jiangxi Provincial Museum
    - Qio Shue Square: area with colorful musical fountains
    - Youmin Temple: little temple in the center of Nanchang
    - August 1st Uprising Museum: located downtown
    - People's Square

    - Zhongshan Road: several department stores
    - Bayi Road: several department stores
    - Wal-Mart Supercenter: North Side of Bayi Square
    - Wal-Mart Supercenter Jiefangxilu Shop: No87, Jiefang West Road

    Nanchang China
    Nanchang Railway Station
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