Parks and temples

people's park Chengdu teahouse

Chengdu parks, gardens, temples and monastery

Wenshu monastery
Famous and largest Buddhist monastery with temple in Chengdu.

Renmin Park (People’s Park)
In the centre of the city near Tianfu Square.

Baihuatan Park
Separated from Cultural Park (Wenhua Park) by the river. Baihuatan Park has several gardens, pools and a teahouse.

Qintai Street
Wellknown road with houses build in the ancient Ming/Qing style. Nearby is Qingyang Taoist Temple.

Cultural Park (Wenhua Park)
Cultural Park has a lake with paddle boats and a large teahouse. Located between Qintai Street and Qingyang Temple.

Qingyang Temple
This important Taoism temple is next Culture Park. Closeby is Baihuatan Park.

Jinli Street
Top attraction in Chengdu with ancient style buildings. Many Chinese tourists.

Wuhou Memorial Temple
. Temple dedicated to Zhuge Liang, a famous minister of the Shu Kingdom and to his Emperor Liu

Daci Temple and monastery
The complex is closeby Chunxi Road, north section (Wangfujing Mall) in the Dacisi Road.

River Viewing Park (Wangjianglou Park)
Park near Sichuan University with statues of poets and pools with goldfishes.

Disney style theme park outside Chengdu. Lots of Chinese people go to here in the weekend with their children.